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DKS Productions not only provides a comprehensive list of professional solo musicians, bands and DJs, but our performers have a reputation for being the "best in the business."

Whether your event is a private backyard party for a few friends, or a Debutant Ball for a thousand guests, DKS Productions will work with you to provide the perfect atmosphere. 


Our Senior Live Sound advisor Dave Staats comes to DKS Productions with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  Highly skilled in all levels of sound from analog to digital, small and large format mixing consoles, handhelds or large numbers of wireless microphone systems, as well as simultaneous multi-track recording; Dave has a passion for providing the best possible sound experience for every listener regardless of age.


Recording services range from a simple stereo recording of your event, to full orchestra multi-track recording.  The heart of DKS Productions is a professional recording studio, so any on-location recording service performed will be mixed and mastered by Music Producer / Engineer Don Turney.

If you're a student needing to capture an excellent stereo recording of your recital, or a band wanting to release that first "live" concert CD, give us a call.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"Thanks Dynamic Dave for making the band sound better than ever"

Sir Paul - The Beatles

"The Don Turney Jazz trio was the perfect choice for our anniversary bash"

Barack and Michele

"If we had only known about DKS Productions back in the day, we would've done a lot more live albums" Kudos to the crew at DKS Pro Sound and Entertainment!!

Don Henley -The Eagles

(The testimonials above are ficticious and purely used only for entertainment purposes.  Because that's what we do, provide "Entertainment")

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